Cornerstone Mens Ministry


Men joining together for mutual encouragement and motivation overcoming the challenges that life throws by doing life together.

Revelation 21:7 NIV 'He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son.'

Brag Sheet

Alex Snary

Prayer Breakfast with Alex Snarey

Alex Snary, GM International Parnerships World Vision NZ spoke to our men recently on his journey of Leadership. Alex has spent many years working for World Vision in some of the worlds most difficult humanitarian regions.

Andrew Stroud

Prayer Breakfast with Andrew Stroud

Breakfast with Andrew

Men doing what men do well - Digging in at Andrews Breakfast meeting.




Claybird Shooting

Men on a Mission

21-SEVEN is not just about listening to inspirational messages, eating great food, shooting things and looking at stuff, oh no!!! We also do the cool 'Men on a Mission' ministry. We select an unsuspecting but always worthy cause and throw a few hours hard labour at it.

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